Crash Course in Beyond the Whiteboard

Sign Up

Go to and use the code ABV022 to sign up. Download the app, but remember to check it out from the computer as well- there are a lot of features not available on the mobile version.

Log Your Results

Click on “Today’s WODs” and click “Log” for the WOD you completed

Log your score.

You can modify movements and weights by clicking on them and changing movement or weight. Examples: You can change “Pull ups” to ring rows. You can change 95 lb thrusters to 65 lbs, or 30 in box to 24 in

Select either “RX” or “Modified.” Only select “RX” if the entire workout is completed as prescribed!!

Enter Notes!! Notes are important. You may not need them every day, but make notes about scaling options, how you felt, if you should have gone heavier, etc

Click “Save Results.” Results can be modified or deleted if you mess something up! No worries!

Enter your measurements

Be sure to weight in at least once a month (or once a week if you prefer). This is very important. BTWB needs to know your bodyweight to calculate how much work you are doing on bodyweight movements. THIS IS PRIVATE. No one but you needs to know that information!

Bonus points: set your work measurements. If you log into BTWB from your computer and view your weigh ins, there is a tab to “Set Work Measurements.” This will allow you to enter heights, such as deadlift height, squat depth, shoulder height, etc. This allows for the MOST accurate calculations on work performed.

4. Log your Lifestyle points daily

  • Super easy- just answer answer a few basic questions about how the previous day went. This really helps figure out holes in your game… maybe we missed a PR because our nutrition was off for the last week, or we haven’t been sleeping quite enough. Easy enough that there’s no reason not to track it!

5. Be Social

Give that digital fist bump and congrats on PRs and strong performances! We’re all in this together!