2019 CrossFit ABV Open Challenge: Battle of the Sexes

The Challenge is here, and it’s time to decide who rules the box… at least for the next year.

We’re putting a new spin and new focus on our Open Challenge this year. The quick and dirty:

1) EVERYONE with a current membership will be on a Challenge team. Men versus Women.

A lot of the points will be assigned based on participation. You do not have to participate, but you will drag your team down if you don’t. Step up for your team! Don’t let us down!

2) The focus this year is on community, not competition.

There will be points for performance in the workouts, but participation points will be weighted more heavily. In other words, don’t worry about your score, just show up and have fun.

Don’t be nervous about struggling with a particular workout and letting your team down. This is actually why we developed the Challenge- you can earn points for your team for things outside of the actual WOD for the week. This way the Challenge becomes less about who “wins” the workout, and makes it more about celebrating our community!

The Scoring Details

Points can be earned for the following each week:

  • Completing the Open WOD: 100 points

  • Attending Weekly Challenge Event: 100 points

  • Lifestyle Challenge: 100 points

  • Performance in WOD: 50 points

1) Completing the Open WOD- 100 points

This is based on a percentage of your team’s participation. If you can’t make a Friday class, we can schedule a makeup no later than Tuesday of the following week. Be sure your brothers or sisters in sweat are getting it done.

2) Attending the Weekly Challenge Event- 100 points

Again based on percentage of your team’s participation. See below for weekly events

3) Lifestyle Challenge- 100 points

This is based on average lifestyle points accumulated in Beyond the Whiteboard. This is the easiest of all- you can score points for you team even when you can’t make class. Here is what is required:

  1. Enter your “Lifestyle” points in BTWB daily. Questions to answer: amount of sleep, amount of water consumed, time spent on mobility, how you ate, how much fish oil you took, and how did you feel. It’s multiple choice and super easy. You get more points for completing more of each!

  2. Log your WOD. Even if you’re going for a run around the neighborhood, be sure to log it into BTWB!

  3. Log your Weight In. Once a week, log your weight, preferably same day and time. This is NOT public information.

4) Performance in the Open WOD- 50 points

Best team average score, winner take all. Fear not, we’ve balanced the playing field in a few ways:

  1. Weighted Scaling Options: RX will be worth 1.5 when we calculate scores, but you are NOT locked into a division this year. If there is a WOD you can do RX, we want to encourage you to do so, even if you might need to scale other WODs.

  2. Men versus Women: We also have a formula to weigh men vs women in certain workout situations, if necessary.

  3. Modified Division: We’ll again have a “Modified” division if there is a movement you can’t quite do in the “Scaled” division- there is no penalty for completely a “Modified” WOD, but please be sure to do the workout that is appropriate for you.

Weekly Challenge Events

Event 1- Friday 2/22: Friday Night Lights- Game Night

The official kick off the the 2019 CrossFit ABV Open Challenge will be Friday from 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM. It’ll be a fun, rowdy atmosphere where we can all do the WOD together (in heats) and cheer each other on. If you need to come to your regular class this week, no big deal- you can still get points just for dropping by. Food will be provided, and Game Night (bonus points!) will follow final heat. Don’t miss this one- it’ll be a blast!

Event 2- Week of 2/24: Bro Sesh and Volunteering

The bros simply have to get together outside of the box once during the week for a Bro Sesh, most likely with tasty beverages. The ladies will be responsible for participating in a community service event (physically serving the community, not donations)

Event 3- Saturday 3/9: Bring a Friend Saturday

We’re doing a community WOD Saturday at 9:00 AM. All you have to do is show up with a friend (that isn’t a member at ABV).

Event 4- Week of 3/10: Ladies Night and Volunteering

Reverse the roles! The ladies simply have to get together outside of the box once during the week for a Ladies Night, most likely with tasty beverages. The bros will be responsible for participating in a community service event (physically serving the community, not donations).

Event 5- Friday 3/22: Friday Night Lights: Music Bingo

Same rowdy atmosphere from 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM to send the challenge off with a bang!  Food will be provided, and Music Bingo (bonus points!) will follow final heat. NO MAKE UPS THIS WEEK. Winner will be announced after Music Bingo!


1) What the hell is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is the start to the CrossFit Games season. Think about it like this- if the Games are the Olympics of CrossFit, then the Open is the Olympic Trials… except open to everyone, everywhere, world wide. Five workouts spread over 5 weeks, starting February 21, 2019, with the top athletes in each region moving on to Regionals.

2) What the hell is the CrossFit ABV Open Challenge?

The Challenge is yearly 5 week friendly intra-box competition that incorporates the CrossFit Open WODs as well as weekly events and goals for bonus points. The goal is to give your training a purpose, and encourage attendance and participation beyond the usual New Year's Resolutions.

3) Do I need to sign up for the official CrossFit Open?

Nope! No need to worry about that at all! This is all for fun! (And bragging rights, of course…)

4) When are we doing the Open WODs?

The Open workout will be the programmed ABV WOD each Friday. You are welcome to complete the workout at any class during the day. We’re not doing Friday Night Lights every week, but we’ll run extra heats all Friday afternoon and evening if you need to squeeze in. We can schedule a make up if needed.

5) How much does The Challenge cost?

Zip. Nada. The Challenge itself is free. If you’d like to purchase a shirt or meal ticket, you can do so here. Food tickets include meal, kids beverages, and a few adult beverages. You are also welcome to BYOF and BYOB.

More questions? Just talk to your team captains!


Theresa “T Money” Gebhardt

Krista “The Real Boss” Bergman


Eric “Big Sexy” Gebhardt

Eldon “The Rhino” Bergman