The First Rule of CrossFit

The first rule of CrossFit is to talk about CrossFit. Obviously.

Because, unlike Fight Club, CrossFitters won’t shut up about their silly cult.

Okay, well maybe not ALL of them… but MOST of them drone on and on about their workouts, videos they’they’ve watched, blah blah blah.

This is, for the most part, very true about CrossFitters. But it’s certainly not limited to us- runners, triathletes, fighters, meatheads… it seems like if you’re into fitness, you talk about it. Nonstop.

I’ve seen several articles, Facebook posts, etc in the last few months bashing this loquacious nature. “Do we really have to hear about CrossFit again?” “People wouldn’t run marathons if they had to do it anonymously.” “How dare people put stickers on their cars to announce their physical achievements!?!?”

I’d like to point out that I neither bash, nor do I have a problem with people posting about things I’m not into. I don’t care how many pictures of your kids you post. I don’t begrudge you your political rants, however offensive they might be on occasion. Your selfies, your throw back Thursdays, your DIY projects, your posts about your beloved college team (that you never went to)… You have every right to crow about your likes and interests.

But what does it say about our society that the same people who overindulge in these obnoxious, self-righteous posts are offended when someone proclaims the results of their workout for the day? When did it become socially acceptable to discuss fantasy football and Pinterest ideas at a dinner party, but taboo to talk about the proper mechanics of a front squat, or recount how brutal yesterday’s WOD was?

I can’t speak for all of us, but I can tell you that when I post workout results, it’s usually about 50% pride in my hard work, and 50% to make people like YOU aware that hey– I’m improving my health today… are you?

So to everyone who bashes runners for their stickers, CrossFitters for talking about CrossFit, triathletes for their hours and hours of training, gym rats for their muscles, and any other fitness nut for their dedication: SHUT. UP. We are not the problem for discussing our fitness- you are the ones dragging society down. Obesity is a very serious problem in this country- and with the changes in healthcare, it’s EVERYONE’S problem. Ridiculing people for trying to improve their fitness and health is certainly not the solution… stop being part of the problem.

And to every single CrossFitter, runner, fighter, gym rat, triathlete, yogi, cyclist, and anything else you might be into: GREAT JOB. Keep it up. Keep talking about it. I don’t care if you just started on the 1stof January- all I care about is did you do something to improve your health today? Just remember- when the zombie apocalypse is upon us, the fat, slow ones who can’t pull themselves over a wall will be the first to go…