The Long Road Back

A rainy Tuesday morning.

The perfect kind of morning to go home and work from the couch.

But instead I find myself making for my locker, in search of a headband and some wrist wraps.

I’ve been a little busy over the last several months. We bought a house, moved the box into a beautiful new space, and launched Fort Mill’s first brewery. It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and sweat.

16 hour days have become the new norm. And the workload has become perfect excuse for putting my fitness on the back burner.

In all honesty, from the day I opened ABV, my focus has been forever shifted from MY fitness toEVERYONE ELSE’S fitness- an unexpected consequence of the profession I’ve chosen. I had always envisioned endless hours at the gym working on strength, skills, and getting the best shape of my life. In reality, I spend almost every minute of my time helping others work on improving their health and fitness- a task I relish, but a reality I didn’t fully comprehend before embarking on this journey.

All of this has led to a slide in my fitness. I’ve gone from 4-5 solid workouts per week to maybe 1, or even 1 every other week.

I suppose fitness, like intensity, is relative. For some, a “slide” is from healthy-ish to 15 pounds overweight… from being able to kinda keep up during a workout, to not being able to finish the workout. For some, a slide implies a year or two lapse.

For me, a slide is a little different- it simply means not being as good as I know I should be. A few weeks ago, Krista and I tackled a team workout that had been on the program from the previous week. We finished nearly 45 seconds faster than the next fastest team, but I knew I was slow. Or at least slower than what I’m capable of. Still strong, but not as strong as I should be.

I tell people all the time that training is cyclical. You’ll have phases where you can spend 4 and 5 hours in the gym every week, when things really start to click for you, when your nutrition is really dialed in… But you’ll also have phases where life gets in the way, when you’re lucky to get one or two WODs in, if any at all.

The truth is, it will always be an uphill battle. There is no such thing as a summit on the mountain of fitness. The real question becomes: how far will you let your rock roll down before you begin to push it back up the hill?


At the old gym we had this awesome quote board filled with pearls of wisdom and funny one-liners. I’ll never forget Brook White walking in one morning and quietly walking over to the board to write “Excuses fall by the wayside when those around you fail to acknowledge their own.”

It will be a long, hard road back for me. Not because I’m “out-of-shape,” but because I know where I should be, and I know what it takes to get back there. I’ve been busy, and I’ve used that as an excuse to neglect something that is really important- my fitness. My schedule is just an excuse; I need to make time for this. We all need to make time for this.

And so, on a perfect morning to relax on the couch, I slip my headband and start down the long road back.