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You Must have CrossFit experience in order to drop in

We welcome all members of the CrossFit community! While we enjoy having you drop in for a WOD with us, we do ask that you abide by our “Drop In Policy” while you are visiting.

1) Schedule your class

It’s common courtesy to let a box know you’re planning on dropping in, but we also have a cap of 15 athletes per class. We require each drop in to let us know they are coming PRIOR to arrival so that we can reserve your spot. No notice, no WOD.

2) Fees

Drop in fee is $15 per class.

3) Be on time

We get a lot done in an hour- we start on time, and almost always take the full hour for the class. Please show up early to introduce yourself to the coach. For each minute you’re late, it’s a 10 burpee penalty.

4) Be respectful of our coaches and athletes

In exchange for welcoming you into our gym with open arms, we expect for you to be respectful of our coaches and athletes, regardless of your CrossFit background or coaching certifications. We’re here to get better, not show off.

5) Cleaning up

Our policy is that your WOD is not over until the last person finishes. Please do not clean up or put any equipment away until everyone is done- afterwards we will all help put the equipment up.

We appreciate your compliance with our “Drop In” standards. Thank you for helping us maintain the high standards of CrossFit ABV, and keep kicking ass!