Be Safe! Be Smart! Work Hard! Do Not Use More Weight Than You Can Use Safely!

-If you have never done a movement/weight before, this is not the time to try it. Coaching will not be provided. You are responsible for your own safety.

- These workouts are incredibly challenging. Many will take more than 30 minutes. Water will be provided on site but please bring any other foods/drinks that you will need to healthfully complete your workouts. 

- All participants much check in on site, within 45 minutes of their start time.

- Workouts will be assigned on a first come first served basis

- The cost to participate is $35 and will include a single hero WOD and a commemorative t-shirt 

- If you are doing a workout as a team, all team members must share one full set of equipment. Except as prescribed by the workout, multiple bars at varying weights will not be provided. We will provide one set of equipment at either a women's Rx weight or a men's Rx weight - you can always scale down as needed. There will be many workouts happening simultaneously so every bar will be accounted for. Please plan accordingly. 

- This event is designed to honor those who have died in the line of duty - not to set PR's. This is not a competition. Come to honor, not to compete.


Q:I have never done CrossFit before, is this a good time for me to try?

A:NO!  You must be proficient with all movements in your workout before you get here. However, come out and watch, make a donation and we’ll see you in one of our gyms on Tuesday morning.

Q:Can I scale the weight?

A.These memorial workouts are epic. Your effort should be in line with that spirit. That being said, it should be a great challenge but doable. Hurting yourself doesn't honor anyone. Scale as needed. Don't be stupid.

Q:I have trucks full of money that I want to donate above and beyond the registration fee, can I do that?

A:Absolutely. If you want to use a credit card, we suggest going straight to the Travis Manion Foundation (click here for a direct link). 

Q:Your charities have cool logos, but who do they help?

A:We have selected these charities very carefully. We strive to support our fighting men and women from the moment they begin their training to years after they return from service.

The Travis Manion Foundation assists veterans and supports families of fallen heroes. Through challenge grants, charity events, and community education, they keep alive the memories of those lost and provide invaluable support to those who survive.  For more information on the Travis Manion Foundation, please click here.

Q:Is this a family friendly event?