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New Year. New You.

A 5 week challenge designed to help you focus on nutrition and performance in the New Year. Teams of 4 will be assigned for the challenge, with 3 team WODs and body composition analysis to be completed on January 7th, and repeated on February 11th.


Teams will be free to follow any dietary plan they choose (Paleo, Whole 30, IIFYM, Zone, etc). While it is highly encouraged that all teammates follow the same plan for support, it is not required. The ultimate goal is illustrate the relationship between nutrition, performance, and body composition.


There will be 3 separate scores for each team: 

  1. Score for WODs on January 7th
  2. Score for WODs on February 11th
  3. Improvement from start to finish

A hydrostatic body composition analysis will be completed on both Jan 7th and Feb 11th and will count towards team improvement score.

The Cost

The competition will cost each person $99, which will include the before and after body composition analysis and a t-shirt. The cost can be paid for in full, purchased as a gift, or split into 2 payments of $49.50 on Jan 1 and Feb 1.